The vigie on the island of Port Cros where the poet Richard Aldington stayed in 1928 with his partner of ten years and his new lover, along with D.H. Lawrence and his wife Frieda. It was here that Aldington started to write his novel of the war, 'Death of a Hero'. - Link to buy the book - Website of book publishers the blog of the New Canterbury Literary Society (the community of Aldington readers and scholars) The website for materials on H.D. and Aldington The War Poets’ Association The First World War Digital Archive, based at the University of Oxford  The Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship  The Wilfred Owen Association The Edward Thomas Fellowship  The Isaac Rosenberg statue appeal My excellent local bookshop in Woodbridge, Suffolk.  The site of Robert Pike, who will send you a poem a day if you register author of The Voice from the Garden, the life-story of Pamela Hambro, of the East Anglian Cobbold brewing family the website of Jane Conway, author of Mary Borden: A Woman of Two Wars, the life-story of the remarkable novelist and pioneer of mobile frontline hospitals in the First World War